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wtf makes people "think" that nobody

can crawl up to their "fort", within 300m, at night? cause once somebody DOES so, the fort occupiers can easily be sniped, and if the attackers know to have a suppressed autorifle and use cover, there's nothing that the fort-occupiers can do about it. If they try to rush out and deal with the attacker, half a dozen of them are going to get shot. They can waste a bunch of ammo shooting at his cover, IF they can locate him, which aint at ALL likely) But if he has had sense enough to wait until late afternoon to fire, and to plan an escape route, he'll easily be able to get away, to return and shoot another one of the occupiers. So there's no need of long range bs gear or practice. You just have to have proper (ie, more versatile) gear and knowledge of how best to use it. you aint gonna have the manpower to (properly) watch 360 degrees, 24-7, and probably not enough such to keep somebody from crawling up to 100 yds and using subsonic .22lr's on your "guards". :-)

So your dogs bark, so what? They'll be barklng constantly, most likely. It's easy to distract (or silently shoot or poison) dogs. Just tie some possum guts or fishheads to a bit of line, weight it with a stone, swing it round and round a few times and you can throw it 100m, no problem. Dog eats it and it's full of broken glass. No more dog.
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