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shot up a boxy toyota with Mini-14

and GI 55 gr ball, back in 1983. windshield had much less angle than today's cars. I stood 10 ft in front of the car, fired 2 rds at the "head" of a silouette in the driver's seat. 2 nice holes in the cardboard and out the back windshield. Car was early 70's model. probably more metal than today's cars, but not sure about that part.

A hydroshok 900 fps .38 snub handload went thru the door just fine. so did a .22lr rifle. 10 ft. all shots were taken at 90 degree angles for this test. big difference at 45 degrees, I later discovered. :-)

shot at the trunk from the rear with Mini14, and only frags struck the back of the driver's seat.

Joe, this was at White's place, it was peacock's Ruger. John was there, and Pam.
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