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one of the guys shot, having gun in fed prison

Jim, can't recall his last name right now, Found a way to guarantee how much he would get (minimum) in an armed robbery. He'd call first and ask them if they could handle (back then, 100k was his bottom limit) If they said yes, he'd go in there with an attache case and wearing concealed armor under his 3 piece suit. He'd have been there, making a small purchase a few days before, with fake ID of course. inside the attache case was a pistols, some tape and an honest to god baseball grenade. He KNEW, you see, that they'd have an off duty cop in the back room with a 12 ga, for such a big transaction. He was ready to die to get that stuff, and everyone who he confronted BELIEVED it and gave it up. Jim said that he should never have bothered with banks, cause the other type of robbery was just state stuff. As long as you never go back to that state, it's nothing to worry about. In todays, money, 100k back then is 1/4 mill today, so you'd not have to do it much. :-)
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Is this making sense to anybody? Since we were discussing hand grenades yesterday nitko's story today just happened to have one.

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