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I made an acceptably quiet .22 ruger hg

that was no longer than the 5.5" barreled version. But I had to cut the barrel to 2.5" length and the can needed cleaning every 50 rds. It was 9.5" long. by using the sleeving and underchamber trick, I can leave the barrel 3.5" long and keep the gun and can combo at 9.5" total OAL. It's plenty quiet enough, if run wet, for well over 100 rds. then it needs to be cleaned or it gets a bit noisier with every shot you fire. Give it a good soaking with aerosol brake cleaner, then blown out with compressed air AND allow all the volatile fumes to evaporate, or you'll get a silencer fire that will destroy your donut baffles. if it's shtf, let it soak all night in lye soap/water, and then set it in the sun, or next to the fire, all day. It will be good to go.
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