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there's no water in the cities, folks

most people will be forced to leave the urban and suburb areas, small towns, etc, within a very few days. many now have "on demand" water heaters (ie, no tank) it won't be feasible to move back and forth, thru hostiles, with water. So they will be forced to go camp out where the water is.

Well over a million people have read books, watched videos, etc, on how to make a silencer. it's fairly simple to do on a .22 rifle. While the great majority were teenagers when they did so, that does not mean that they'll have forgotten how (and probably stashed one) many states have so little population as to not be anything to consider, so that million can be said to be 25,000 in each state. That's plenty to make it GD dangerous to just be walking around, in daylight. several dozen of them in every county, a few in every town. The kind of guy who thinks in terms of having a quiet .22 also thinks of other things, along the same lines.

If you'll stand a pc of tubing on end, on the heel of a tennis shoe, you can draw the outline of the needed "hockey puck". Cut out 2 of them, using a hacksaw, burn or drill a hole for the barrel (undersized) thru the puck, and cut out a narrow wedge of the rubber (so it can compress with the pressure from the hose clamp) slit the end of the tube for 1/2", put a hose clamp around it, and around the other puck, which you position 3-5" up inside the tubing. Presto, tubing that is mounted on 22 rifle barrel. Takes maybe 10 minutes, once you have the materials. Nothing illegal about having such materials, either. Stuff in some steel wool or insulation batting, tape over the front end, have a scope to see over the can's diameter, some subsonic 22 ammo and you're all set.

Yes, you'll have to replace the packing every few shots, so what? If you'll get tubing that fits some freeze plugs, drill holes in the plugs (and hide them well, on somebody else's property) you can make the can last for quite a few more shots. Plastic cups can be had to fit nearly any size tubing (inside or outside) stack a bunch of them in line with the freeze plugs, and you'll have baffles that last a long time and work very well. Shoot a hole thru them, run a red hot rod down the holes and "cauterize' them clear of the .22 bullet's path.

Grease both sides of cardboard disks, and stack the can-tube full of them. If you're using 1.5" tubing, 5" of it telescoped back around the barrel and 8" of can in front of the barrel, those disks will do a good job of sound suppression and last for many shots.

You can also just cut squares of single thickness window screen, stack them in the can, fire a shot thru them (each half dozen or so thicknesses) and use a pc of drill rod to "wallow out" the holes in the screen, so no filaments are present to strike the bullet as it flies thru the can. Repeat, until your can is full of baffling. If you'll use copper or stainless steel screen for the rear 2" of the can, aluminum screen will suffice for the rest. It's only right in front of the muzzle that aluminum screen can't take the heat.

this is all of course only if shtf, or you have to pay $200 and get the Fed tax stamp, or you're risking 10 years in prison.

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