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daughter will be 8 by the time she's here

while that's old enough to work with a bb "rifle" under supervision, first she must learn throwing stick, slingshot, batting, dribbling, soccer, badminton bow and arrow. So she can SEE and feel trajectory, moving targets, build eye/hand coordination, etc. So that means a bb gun for her about age 9-10, pellet rifle a year later, more powerful bow, xbow, etc. Plus learning to MAKE things for herself, like box traps, (have to see how she responds to killing insects, fish, frogs, mice, rats, birds, etc, Live traps can let the target animal go, catch it AGAIN). :-) Sometimes there aint many rabbits or squirrels AROUND, depending upon where you are! :-) So letting them go can lead to more lessons learned, but without the bambi bs.
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What Daughter?
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How do you think she will like living in a spider hole rather than a nice warm house?

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