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what happens if snipers miss 3 out of 4 shots?

NOTHING, and who will catch them lying about it and say anything? NOBODY. Today's snipers get dropped within a few mile's hike of where they will set up. If they bite off more than they can chew, they can have rockets, 30mm grenades, mg's and napalm aiding them in just a very few hours. A bit longer and they can be chopper evaced. So why would they GAS if they miss, most of their shots, hmmm? and they probably DO miss most of them, in reality. But they still serve to suppress enemy activity in the AO of the sniper and the sniper's still serve as forward observers/spotters/scouts, even if they never fire a shot.

but YOU aint a military sniper. If you have any brains, when shtf, you will not fire a shot unless you MUST (especially not without a silencer and even more so if all you have is a dumbassed bolt action). If you MUST get the hit, then you'd better close the range (or let the enemy close it) to sub 300 yds with your 308, cause the odds are that you'll be fighting wind, mirage, personal injury or illness, moving targets, etc.. So, no, effectively, you do NOT gain useful range by having a longer barrel than the M4, nor do you gain effective range by using a 308 instead of 223.

There is just no effing reason to favor any other longarm above a shorty 223 AR carbine and silencer for shtf, with a .22 conversion unit. With nearly all of the 308's, it's a $500 custom job to get a set of luminous sights mounted. On the AR, it's a $150 drop-in deal. Same with the trigger job. Try getting one done on a FAL. :-) $100 drop in trigger jobs on the AR will give you a perfect, no creep, no overtravel, crisp 4 lbs let off. With such a trigger and the 'v-notch" modifications to the luminous rear sight, the AR is every bit as fast at hitting as with the red-dot sights. A good friend of mine, up North, bought a removable carrying handle upper and a red dot optic just to find out for himself if that was the case. (and to have an upper that is easier to conceal on his person). Anyone who claims that the usual creepy, 8 lb trigger pull of military style autoriflese, with lots of overtravel, doesn't hurt mid-range snap-shooting, traverse and hits, repeat hits, etc, is fos.

10.5" AR,s, with the handguard removed, will stow neatly in a large attache case, too. The thing is the size of an UZI, considerably lighter than the uzi and scoped, has 3x the effective range of the uzi, and about 3x as much effect at the target, too (using quality 60 gr sp's). Since smg's sufficed pretty well for a million users of same in WW2, having 3x the range and power is not something to sneeze-at.

With the 10.5" barrel and the 7.5" of additional silencer length (needed for maximal suppression of blast and flash) you've still got a gun that's handier than a riot 12 ga. yet it's no noisier than a normal .22lr rifle. With subsonic Aquila 60 gr ammo in the .22 unit, it sounds like a BB gun. With the 7" flashhider on the gun, the .22 unit handles just like the 223 with the can mounted. So you need not dirty up the can, nor waste 40c per shot, for the great majority of your defensive rifle practice. A couple of dueling trees, set 10 yds apart, can be very challenging with the .22 unit at 25 yds, and save you tons of time normally wasted scoring the hits. Ditto from the bipod at 50 yds.

the 6" paddles of the "tree' are like a cover user's head. The .22 only model is $50, the model that can handle hi-v rifle hits is $200. Since you want 2, so that you can practice your "swing and stop" shooting, that's a savings of $300, and the big one is more shipping costs, too. At 75yds, this set up is realistic as to combat challenges, since it is the same difficulty as head on prone men at 150 yds, which is about as far away as anyone can reliably hit such a mark, while being shot-at, using no ear protection and with typical wind/mirage problems, iron sights.

The very high sight line lets you zero the .22 unit at 65 yds and have the same effective trajectory to 80 yds as a normal .22 rifle has to 60 yds. ( with 50 yd zero). This lets you hold center on 6" marks and just concentrate on your trigger control to 75 yds, in rapidfire, with the AR15. That's some very effective practice, and a lot of fun, to boot, saving $400 with every 1000 rds so fired (instead of 223). Even if it's "only" a savings of $150 per 1000 (20 AK) it still pays for the .22 unit in a 3 days at the range. I've had MANY 1000 rd days at the range (normally, half of it .22 units, half of it cast bullet .45's) It's not that big a deal to load that many 30 rd mags for the .22 unit.

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