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I"ve hit half a dozen birds in flight with .22

and didn't try more than 100x. Meadow larks, flying straight away, aint so hard. Also hit a redwinged blackbird, trying to distract me from her nest in the clover. I laid down and shot at her a few times (mostly hovering over me) and hit her with my single shot Winchester bolt action.

I also hit a blackbird flying past me at 20 yds or so. Lee Cloud of Gillespie Ill witnessed that. Same M67 Winchest. hit a chimney swift flying all over the place, later found out that my rear sight had been knocked WAY off to the side in it's dovetail, so that hit was definitely just a fluke.

tried a dozen times at buzzards way over me, couldnt even make them change course, but they were several hundred yds overhead.

Jesse Spencer, of Gillespie, 70+ yo, hog farmer I worked for, kept a .22 bolt action near the door, spring and fall, always trying to hit a goose or duck passing overhead. He'd tried all his life, and finally hit a goose under the chin. It was busted up so badly from the impact that they didn't try to eat it. Just fed it to the dogs. :-)

Jess also had a Damascus-barreled 16 ga sxs that he fired regular shells thru, until I warned him about it. Then he switched to using his 12 ga M97 pump. I saw him wound/kill 14 starlings at about 60 yds, sitting on the snow with that 12 ga. I ran most of them down and stomped them or shot them with my single shot savage .22 pistol. his pattern on the snow was about 10 ft wide!

The only birds I ever hit in flight with a pistol were 2 ducks, a pheasant, and a quail. One duck was flying straight at me, after i"d killed one sitting on the ground, then they turned and I hit another as they flew straight away. Johnny Pakovitch of Mt Olive Ill witnessed that one! The same summer evening, he saw me print a 25 yd cloverleaf and hit a rabbit in the head at about 100 yds. It jumped straight up and fell over. I had asked him what he'd bet that I couldn't brain it with the Browning Nomad .22 pistol and he said:"I wont bet!". :-)

I hit the pheasant flying straight away, and also a quail (different days) the covey got up a few at a time, so I had several tries, and I'd miss one sitting, at much closer range, so I know that the midair hit was a fluke. I'd fired 3 shots at that quail when it fell. I honestly looked around to see who else was shooting at it! :-) the pheasant and quail were with my High Standard Citation Military .22 match pistol. Craig Stottler, of Carlinville witnessed the pheasant hit. He'd just missed it with the Nomad (still his at the time) and I fired many shots, very swiftly at it with the Citation. Later that same day, at the New Berlin gun show, Craig told Bob Imhoff, of Thayer, Ill, that he'd missed and before he could try again, :"Dillinger here opened up". :-)

shooting at an indoor range SW of Spld, ill, with Brent Sheathelm and Ed Berg, a mouse tried to run down the sidewall. I had a Colt 1911 .22 unit and was already firing, so I dumped half a mag at him on the run, and the frags of lead and concrete got him.

Bob , cant remember last name, of gillespie, was night riding with me.He'd sold me 10 rds of steel cased .45 ammo that he snuck out of his dad's hiding place for his military-stolen .1911. A fox came out into my car's headlights, I stopped. Bob had my .45 auto and I had the citation .22. i said on count of 3, we fire, and then I fired at 2.5. :-) Bob fired a couple of .45's, but the hits we found (fox running straight away, down the road) were all .22. Ditto on a coon one night, with Kevin Ryan and Malon Withers. 17yo's. They each had a .45 1911 and I had the .22 unit. They had no ear protection, but I did, inside of a barn and only one of them had a flashlight, as did I. we were mostly shooting sparrows with wax ammo, but each had a magful of my .45 cast lead reloads, "just in case".
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but I "have no practical experience'. Just ask Garand about that! :-)
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Good for you gun kid, finally admitting to your lack of experience. it is about time you tried honesty!

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