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.50's a big bore

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There we agree on that and a bottle necked big bore at that.

Ever shoot any of the .50BMG rifles?

I've shot 6 different ones. And in 3 cases prototypes where I kind of felt like a "crash test dummy". Especially shooting one from prone without a muzzle brake and the "recoil pad" was, accent on "was", about 2-1/2" of cardboard that got compressed into the shape of my shoulder. I think I also got pushed back close to an inch along the ground.

The most fun and interesting one was the bull pup one that could be fired from a standing position that balance on my shoulder. The stock profile and weight/balance would cause it to roll up in recoil and then back down.
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it's just for knocking holes in BIG liquid fuel tanks, from a mile away, preferably at launch, so the flame is already present. it's wasted on lesser targets.

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