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Barrett M95 owner input

Hi ... Like to hear from Barrett M95 owners , accuracy, optics, ammo, bore cleaning etc. been out to the local range a couple of times, 600 yds, (drew some onlookers, not many 50 cal) sighted in at 200 yds, using Amer. Eagle 660 gr ball , LC brass, 0 wind, after a few flyers I got consistant 2" groups, another guy shot it with the same results,trigger pull is superb!, feeding is smooth and positive, I replaced the bipod pin with a 1/4" bolt to take out that annoying movement , I set up at 500 yds and we both looked at each other at the tight groups I got, I 'm not going to say because I would be accused of BS, and that was with ball ammo, have to pick up some A Max 750 gr . ,have to post some photos and finally see what this rifle is capable of , don't hear much about the Barrett M95, doesn't seem like a " popular" rifle in the 50 cal click, don't know why,I like it , compact , mag fed , well made, bolt action. some what pricy,( I bought it as a early retirement gift to myself, years of bust ass ) accurate for its design ,looks cool, I find it comfortable to shoot, has a monopod, recoil isn't bad, overall a thrill to shoot. 50 cal junk? every one has their personal opinion,they are a crowd pleaser at the range, lots of fun., isn't that whats its all about?

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I have the 95, love taking it out to shoot. I actually probably don't use mine for what it is designed as I haven't shot it over 750 yrds. Ball ammo is all I have ever shot, LC 660 grain bullets. I stopped shooting it when I found out I didn't want to purchase another complete set up to reload. I decided to shoot the 338 for my long range fun, which cost even more per round, but I started reloading it to perfect my load.

The 95 still gets taken out here and there, last time out I took it to let a few boy scouts shoot something other than a 22.

Have fun with the retirement purchase! It is a blast "pun intended"

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