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50 BMG Silencer info

Ill post what I put elsewhere. it explains alot.

"Background: I can get in on a local shop getting a manufacturing license. The owner decided to keep a State Arms Rebel 50 that he got in some trading and is thinking about a silencer for it since pretty much everything he has has a can on it. 50 cans are REDICULOUSLY expensive. Also, I am in a Noise Control class which will have a project at the end for developing a solution for a noise problem.(Mechanical engineering...group project).

Idea: If the shop(including me) gets a manufacturing license on top of their SOT and everything else, connections are in place for machine work, testing, etc. I can see if I can get a few ppl in the class together to design and verify the safety of a 50 bmg can...if the instructer allows it, then we can come up with a design and run the numbers on it, the shop can do the paperwork and manufacture it, and I can log it out and borrow testing equipment along with the rifle and ammo for testing the designs effectiveness. This would save the owner money as he could simply make his own can instead of spending $1500-2000 on one. If it is effective enough, it would also make for a good product for the manufacturing aspect to begin on.

If this is done, I cna get in on the ground floor of a manufacturing company as a designer/tester/etc. The owner would have a means of getting products designed and tested. And I would not be out much money and possibly be able to have another can I design for myself make for cheap or free.

?snot alot of time to research right now)
1)what pressures does a 50 bmg generate?
2)what decibel levels does an unsuppressed 50 generate?
3)any input on how/to, suggestions, etc

I plan on trying to come up with an effective baffle design once the class actually gets into more of the barrier/absorption/etc part of acoustics and I was thinking of designing my own 9mm can, but this way i wouldnt have to pay the form 1 cost, materials cost, or manufacturing costs. I would just design and along with a couple friends run numbers to make sure a proper safety factor is built in.

4)Has anyone done their own 50 can? "


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I hand drew poorly a quickie of something I was thinking. Both threads and welds to help withstand pressures.

It would slip over the barrel then thread on. Basically a thick tube with perforated sheets(holed metal plate...welded in) then a cone/tube that threads to the outer tube(and spot welds) and within the cone/tube a modified k type baffle that threads in and is welded in place(series of unknown number).

It would take a bit of machining, but the shop owner has quite a few connections for this kind of work(and quality stuff too).

Its just one idea for now and hopefully the noise control calss will give me more to make something even better or at least modify the idea and refine it for better suppression.

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Bear in mind that the can will have to act as a muzzle brake as well as a silencer. I believe that will be an important criteria....
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Yeah I completely redesinged it today in class, then modified the design again at work, then after looking at the gunshop, I found a couple more things to modify. I think at this rate, I may have a decent idea drawn out within a couple weeks, and if all goes well with a couple friends and the professer, I might have some numbers ran shortly thereafter. Then with the numbers and a few measurements, I can try to get the gun shop owner collecting materials, filing for the manufacturing license and on the ball about having the stuff machined.

Basically, if all works out, I hope to have a prototype by the end of the semester to take out and do some sound testing with. It would be nice if I can get a good working prototype...then maybe have the shop start manufacturing them for retail sale.

PS: I know I could form 1 one, but if the shop gets a manufacturing license then we can destroy and rebuild the prototype until it is an effective can....and I can be the designer for a firearms manufacturer.
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Keep me informed on how that is coming on your supressor thanks!
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Just some advice. Get yourself CAD/CAM program and design in on that. Then CNC it. Also unless your gonna use
subsonic rds whats the point. Lastly its called a suppressor not a silencer. I'm not trying to be mean or rude but
no one is gonna take you seriously with that notebook. If that 50 blows through the side on testing it will blow the
suppressor apart good way to get a piece of aluminum stuck in your head. Good luck though
I'm also pretty sure suppressor are banned in Tennessee under the."Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act"
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I recently finished my 50 caliber silencer for my LAR. It is 2x16 inches and weighs 4.8 pounds. It is just 60 degree baffles/spacers welded together and slipped into a 2 inch .065" tube then welded on the ends. It works ok but I haven't been able to test it at long range yet as the county closed down the local range near Bremerton WA.

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The man who INVENTED them called them "silencers", the LAWS about them call them silencers and the author of the best selling (over 1/2 million copies) "how to" silencer books (me) calls them silencers. you, "suppressor mouthpiece", are nothing.

Gunpowder can only burn just so fast, and the powder for the .50 bmg is very slow burning. The probem, really, is the massive amounts of gas generated by the .50 rd. The can, to be truly effective, with full power 50 ammo, has to be about 4" in diameter and 20" long. Sonic crack, while not quiet, is a LOT less noisy than the normal muzzle blast of the .50. the latter is so bad that if you fire prone, in a desert environment, the blast lifts quite a cloud of dust and sand, potentially revealing your position to the enemy. To get anything like its true long range potential, the .50 needs a very long barrel. When you attach an effective can to it, the can needs its own bipod! :-) it's rather pointless except for blowing up huge propane tanks, or gasoline storage, etc.

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Ya know, if you left out this part
you, "suppressor mouthpiece", are nothing.
you'd have a reasonable, rational, informative post. You have some knowledge but you won't ever be taken seriously until you develop a few basic "people skills".

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about 5% of people are complete pos's. 60% of people SUPPORT the pos's, and 34+% go along with it. So, frankly, why should I g a s about such "skills"?
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Yes, you are right but nowadays many Good silencers available in the market.

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