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Tick's, What do you use to repel?

I hear it's going to be a bad year for Tick infestation, what do you use? I use Vectra for my Lab, and Repel for me. I have read Permethrin is a better repellant for use on clothes only. Input would be appreciated. I had three of the little buggers (pun) on me, and found one on the Dog dead, (the Tick, not the Dog)) and it's only April.

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Permethrin on clothes for sure. Works as in Arkansas in Spring & Summer when have more ticks than a Watch Shop.

In the past bug juice that was close to 100% DEET on skin but I've heard about bad long term effects on humans so I don't use it too much anymore.
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I haven't yet tried this, but I saw a video illustrating that a lint roller will effectively remove ticks from a dog..
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That's interesting. The Vectra generally kills the Ticks when they bite the Dog but, of course, it's not 100%.

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