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Alone show reads my comments on YT

obviously, cause when I called all the guys fools for taking a 2 qt pot and lid, instead of making a 2 gallon metal bear canister (previously on the list, albeit currently available only in plastic). They took the bear canister off of the list.

they are also stupid for not taking a gillnet made out of paracord, or if that's not allowed, a paracord hammock. Cause removing the sheathing and weaving the 7 single strands into netting, with which to make fish traps, is by FAR the best way to feed yourself, under the restrictions imposed by the show.. Fish offer no carbs, tho, and your brain needs carbs, so you'll also have to harvest either cambium or cattail rhizomes. Patagonia, where they are, might well not have cattails. pretty high elevation and cold.

If have cattails, that's cordage, tinder, shelter- material, too. If you make an adequate shelter out of them, that frees up one of the 10x10 tarps for other uses. The 10x10 is the way to go, tho, until nearly snow-time, cause it's so easily moved, to where you have not (as of yet) used up all the squawwood. To hell with cutting down bigger wood. Too much effort, time and risk involved in that. if you get downed wood up on a rack, with a primitive shelter over it and near the fire, it can be dried out enough to burn. Which saves you breathing a lot of smoke and doing a lot of extra work to get other wood.

Once the snow/ice (pretty much) shuts down the fishing, you might as well convert the netting into box traps. One wrap of such will suffice to hold birds and rabbits, but squirrels, coons, possums, beaver, will require multiple wraps and will still get out in a few hours, so you'd have to check the traps often. Cambium will bait in rabbits, fresh cuttings will at least attract a beaver's attention. Once you catch one, the castor glands from his hind legs will bait in others. A bit of your gorp will bait birds, the ones that wont respond to fish guts, that is. A feather or a streamer from your reflectorized tarp will get birds to come to where they can see the bait. Such streamers will also attract fish.

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So which season and which episode are we talking about?
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