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Revolver or Semi-Auto?

I hike a lot an usually carry a .22 in addition to a 9 or .45. The .22 is usually just to plink with, but I have shot a few Grey Squirrel here and there and very occasionaly a rabbit. I have been thinking that my old three screw Ruger would be a better choice as I can switch cylinders to .22 Magnum if I'm looking for meat, and still have the .22LR option. This would be a Hunting season only thing. I'm going to give it a try.
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What is that P word!
Had several Single Sixes an New Frontier Colts with both cylinders, Bought one box of 22 mag. an think I fired maybe two cylinders full, did not like the round, gave the rest away. Do it all with 22LR, if need more, time for a centerfire.
Old 12-07-2016, 12:47 PM   #3
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Plink!Plink!Plink! So sue me. What we have here is CCI Stinger's at 1640 FPS and 191 Ft. Lbs. with a 32 Grain bullet. Winchester .22 Magnum at 2,000 FPS and 342 Ft. Lbs. with a 37 Grain bullet. So, on paper at least, the .22 Magnum is about twice as lethal as the Stinger, no? I haven't shot enough small game with the .22 Magnum to verify any of this.
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Old 12-08-2016, 05:52 AM   #4
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I've got a Kimber .22 conversion kit for my Series '70 and I actually chronoed Stingers through it. I found I was only getting about 1,390 fps out of it. I guess it varies with different firearms.
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I started in the days of revolvers, so if that's all I had available I would not feel under-gunned. Given a choice between the two, the semi in most situations is the way to go, especially when you consider the ease of repair, accessories, etc.
Large bore revolvers for dangerous animals, hunting etc is an issue all of its own in deciding which to go with.
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I like both.
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My woods gun is almost always a DA revolver, and my ccw guns are almost always semiautos. Either one would work for either purpose, but for woods use I prefer the ammo versatility of the revolver. From 200 ft/lbs to more than 1900 ft/lbs to shot loads, the revolver offers that. For social defensive carry, what the auto lacks in wide range of load offerings, it more than makes up for in increased capacity and concealability.

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