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for naked/afraid, have them give you a

2 qt canteen cup and lid, which you thoughtgully provide. Your 1 item each should be a heavy duty space blanket and a bug net. Have her stuff into her whatsis a sawyer mini filter and carry- bag. Have her kiester the back-flush syringe. You kiester a cigar tube full of fishhooks and line and some ambien, cause good sleep is vital.

The day that they drop you off, job one is to make sandals, using the hinge-pin (from the canteen cup and lid) which is a sharpening steel. Then reconnoiter, find water and get a fire going in front of some sort of natural shelter near the water, using the hinge pin that is a ferro-rod to poke the holes in whatever you use as shoe soles. In the evening, in front of the fire, fashion your 2 spears, (split/barbed small end) your throwing-digging sticks, the cordage which carries them, and your trotlines.

Next day, really scout your area, finding the most likely food and fire-wood producing area, and get your trotlines out. Bait the hooks with bugs, bright flowers, shiny rocks, feathers, small tubers with dirt on them. After your first catch, you can use bits of the head, tail and guts as bait. Build your V frame for keeping the wood "self feeding" and get the big rocks heating for the next night. Build your shelter and the primitve shelter for the fire and its wood. Keep the fire shelter dampened. ASAP, if it's cold at night, get a reflector wall built on the other side of the fire.

Next day, check your lines, have her start drying the fish and weaving grass skirts and grass (or bamboo splits) matts upon which to lay and cover yourselves. the constant movement of the suspended grasses will majorly help keep flies off of your butt and privates, the eggs of which, embedded in your flesh can swiftly disable you! Make and set gorge hooks for fish, and check on the availability of spear-fishing for eels, fish, rays. Make bird traps/snares and set them. Ditto for crayfish.

Build a raised bed. GET adequate food coming in for daily requirements and preserve a lot more of it. Find some local edible plant sources. If adequate vines/roots/cordage can be arranged, build a fishing weir or 3. Fish are by far the easiest protein source you can find.

Having the space blanket as shelter from wind, rain, and bugs above you, with the bugnet giving all round protection, helps you sleep and helps prevent major irritations and disease caused by bugs. Since your shelter is readily portable, if you have a reason to move, (like having used up all the downed wood in your area) you can do so easily. Having the cordage and the hafted cup-lid provides for quick setup of a shelter, chops wood, and later, helps fashion the tools for catching fish and game.

Not having to boil drinking water is a huge savings of your time and firewood. Having the pot lets you boil your food and make meat, fish,etc, safe to eat, instead of having the food be burned on the outside and raw inside, like roasting does. You also can boil over flames. Roasting requires you to wait for an hour or more, until you have consistent coals. eff THAT wastage!

You really want throwing sticks, and an atalatl, and later, a really strong bow. The ability to reliably take game at 15 yds or so, especially goat, pig, deer-sized stuff, is a huge aid to your preserving food for the future.

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Never seen the show, but I'm assuming it's a game show like 'Survivor' or such?
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I watched about 5-6 episodes and gave up on it as being totally unrealistic. The chances of the average person ending up in that initial situation is to wild to even calculate.
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"Stick it up her..." "keister a cigar tube" always the convict.
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Almost word for word what was on a survival forum.
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main criteria for this show is being TOUGH, mentally and physically, and not being lazy. Dont lay around on your ass all the time and you CAN be a lot better off. A LOT needs to be done the first 3 days, while you still have strength from your normal life. Where they always fail is not securing an adequate food source, early enough to keep them going. They dont bring the right stuff. If allowed, and if not in desert, the most helpful items are a gill net, machete, and bug net. if not enough water, then swap the gill net for the heavy duty space blanket.
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Is that all you do is lay around sucking welfare an watching TV, reading stuff on the internet? Get a life, get a real job.
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