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takes about $50,000 to get prepped (properly)

about 10k spend on guns, ammo, accessories and training, about 10k on hand to hand, 10k on medical training, 10k on wild edibles and gardening/preserving food training and 10k more general survival training, hunting trapping, shelter, etc.. So guess how many are properly prepped, eh? Maybe 5000 people in the entire USA (and maybe only 500) I got the medical covered when I married my nursing student, but still need a lot of work on the plants, gardening, etc. Figure many 1000's of hours of study/work, too. about another 50k worth, actually.

about 90% of military "training" wont apply, cause you aint gonna have any help.
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Well, you can save 10K on gun's and ammo, you can't buy any. Where would you come up with the other $40,000?
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Serious question; not a setup or trick... I thought your contention for years now was that all a person really 'needed' was a place to hole up for a year and a couple barrels of food..?
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I'm glad you think a medical student has your medical covered. I married a retired chiropractor (Doctor) who went back to work as a fully qualified RN. I'm trying to figure out where your military service requires others to help you think? I can't remember a tome when working EOD that I walked up to a suspect object with a partner to help me think.

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