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wf settle for .45's 300 ft lbs, instead of 700 ft lbs

same 4" barrel, and LESS recoil with the more powerful load. the commander's shorter barrel normally barely cracks 800 fps with the 230 gr ball ammo. That's 310 ft lbs. You can get safely 70 grs to 2200 fps in the same gun, by using a fully supported barrel and cut down .460 Rowland brass. that's 750 ft lbs. The ball ammo has 18.4 factor recoil, while the hi-v load has just 15.4 of recoil. that's 15% less recoil, for the math-challenged group. with a .460 chambered 5" barrel, the velocity is 2400 fps, which is 890 ft lbs. :-)and it's still only 16.8 recoil momentum. as compared to 19 factor recoil with ball in a 5" barrel. for a piddly 350 ft lbs.

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Didn't I read this about 100 times? Also, Golden Sabre is nearer 400 ft. lbs.

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