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Originally Posted by justme View Post

2 pair. sewn to gether by my wife. the lower ones have materal removed from the sides. It's not needed around the calf, and that material was needed to make the upper pair wide enough for my thighs. The 18 layer kevlar boxer shorts and the vest provide "coverage" that no down can offer. This stuff, along with longjohns, goretex cammies, 3 pairs of socks, gloves, and shemaugh, are what make it feasible to be ok sleeping at 10F+, in the gill net hammock, (also in 2 SOL bivvies, and 2 tyvek bags, with bug netting around the neck to prevent loss of body heat.) Still requires timed release ambien, but they are just 10mg, so you can easily carry 100's of them. Getting at least 6 hours of Solid rest is priceless in high-stress situations. 4 lbs of sleep/shelter gear, 2 lbs of "extra (than normal summer wear) clothing,

When it's colder than 10+F enemy action almost ceases, so it's feasible to have a fire and korchanski super shelter, at least at night. That fire can be heating rocks, which will warm you most of the day, too. What makes my setup superior is the cold weather gear has other uses during hot weather, So you dont have to abandon it for the summer, to find it eaten full of holes next fall. Set up one of the reflectorized SOl's as a front for a stick "wall" on the far side of the fire, use the tyvek to make a lean-to, and some "wettable" clear plastic sheeting for the front (vertical) "wall" of the shelter, so as to let in the radiant heat from the fire. The plastic, naturally has other uses and a bit of gorilla tape suffices to fix tears in it. A few office spring clips (heavy duty, from wallys) suffices to mount the plastic to the tyvek. No, don't tape it, you do need a BIT of air circulation!

wtf good is a sleeping pad in the mud or flood water, hmm? or a heavy coat or sleeping bag in summer? can you WEAR a tent or sleeping bag, as you can my designs? What's next when your sleeping bag gets soaked? you get pneumonia, that's what.

Melvin, you have never worked with Canadian Infantry have you. We generally don't get tent bound until a minimum of -30C, or -40C Windchill. My sleeping bag is rated to -50C and my boots (by Baffin Technology) are rated at -80C. My experience working with the US Army in the field in Alaska, left a little bit to be desired, but there are men in all major armies that are specially trained to take the fight to the enemy regardless of the sub zero temperatures. Melvin if you can't figure out how your kit is to be used, you are in sad shape.
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Melvin is a fictional army of one, hiding in a spider hole with kevlar shorts an funny looking things on his legs.

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