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heavy duty space blanket saved my life

I got off of the bus in Spld, on the way to a halfway house in Chicago. Saw Pam and my bro brought my car from Greenville, on a trailer. he was SUPPOSED to be driving it a bit, once a month, but it had a goose-gged tire and the spare was messed up, too. I tried to drive it, at 45mph, it shook loose the wheel-lugs and the wheel fell off. Sparks were flying over the car! I got it off the road, and the friction had eaten the brake rotor down to the axle. 1 am, about 90 miles N of Spld, IIRC. A prince of a guy let me into his house, to call my bro.

Jim came in about 2 hours or so, and took me to Chi-town. By the time he'd made it back to the car, it had been towed. Given that it was an $800 car, the damage done, and the likely storage-towing fee, I just abandoned it. I had no ID but my prison ID, so I didn't dare sit in the car. It was cold, rainy, windy. I had no real winter clothes. I hid behind a bush about 200m from the car, with all the "contraband" stuff hidden in the ditch about halfway between me and the car. A county-mountie from the service road and a state cop on the highway, BOTH stopped and looked into my car, about an hour apart in time.

Either one would have locked me up and caused major problems for me at the halfway house, thru being late to arrive there. Without that MAGICAL blanket (altho quite inadequate at the time) I'd have been dead, either right there, or later, of pneumonia

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