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I was just reading some old posts and came across Rika's thread about "what books would you take in a SHTF event?"

Well, with the relatively new advent of the digital book any of you plan on getting a digital reader and digital library just for practical mobility in a SHTF evet..even if you don't plan to get much use out of it otherwise?
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I find that there are many good e-books that can be downloaded from the web. I find that I have more than 20 gig, and a lot are job related. I realize that all countries are not free about what can be downloaded and that is a shame, that information that could save your life costs money.
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I have quite a lot of stuff on DVDs but I doubt I'll have either the means or the time to access them if I'm running for my life. If I make it, and I can manage to get the means again, then my library will be there with me.
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My digital information is on a thumbdrive and includes not just reference material but scans of important personal documents.
Digital is a convenience thing; it's handy to have the information readily available even before any disaster strikes.
Stuff I expect to need for repeated reference after some future problem is on my shelf in hard copy form
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a small reader and solar charger is the way to go.
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Originally Posted by justme View Post
a small reader and solar charger is the way to go.
+1 on the utility of a decent reader or tablet. My sons bought me an ipad mini for Christmas last year and it's become my second-most used tool; second only to my key ring flashlight. I had a kindle before that and used it quite a bit, but having cellular data as well lets me use the new one for a lot of things that I couldn't before. Demonstrating remote-cctv viewing, various security-related apps, all kinds of things.

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