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70gr speer sp's, 2200 fps, 11" barrel,100m

do a really fine job on canines. The 70 gr, 2200 fps Split Nose solid copper hp segmented bullet, from a commander, using fully supported barrel and shortened .460 Rowland brass (ACP chamber) does even better at pistol distances (ie, 10m and less) , cause it creates 2 diverging wound channels with each hit, still has the temporary cavity able to damage fragile organ tissue, and has the full diameter .45 bullet, and much greater length bullet (than the 223 sp) and each fragment has hard (relative to lead) sharp corners and they are unstable, (yawing/ maybe even tumbling) as they penetrate. They deliver a helluva blow, while having the same recoil as 110 grs at 1400 fps, or 140 grs at 1000 fps, (ie, just a hot 9mm sort of recoil). That is considerably less recoil (about 15%) than .45 ball so your speed of hitting can increase, or your range can. if you're going to bother with lugging around a belt gun, THIS is the load to use, so that you GET something for the lack of convenience and giving up the "hand-in-pocket" speed of ccw draw advantage that you COULD have had with a pocket gun.

Having such a shocking, destructive load also makes shoulder, hip, limb and gut hits a LOT more likely to have the desired effect. It's kind of hard to just ignore gaping 3/4" wide holes in your body! :-)

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men (typically, but not always) are a LOT easier to stop than a big feral dog or coyote. but you can, at typical civilian defensive ranges (ie, 5 yds and less) get really swift repeat hits and quite often, a "hammer" of 2 chest hits will freeze him in place for the half second (or less) needed to brain him. Nothing's perfect, but some things are a LOT better than other things. Better a 5-10% chance of failure than 30-40%, as is common with 380's, .38 special, 9x18. maybe as much as 8x better. 5 failures in 100 shootings being 8x better than 40 failures in 100 shootings.
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Split bullets, NOT AGAIN!
Another worn out repeat.
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Originally Posted by justme View Post
70gr speer sp's, 2200 fps, 11" barrel,100m do a really fine job on canines...
Seriously, hunt some deer or coyotes or something and leave people's dogs alone for a while.
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Shooting Dog's again. Can't seem to get past it. And attacking Coyote's? Coyote's abound here and the next attack on a Human will be the first one. Maybe I should l a special round for these fearsome creatures.
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