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Erma .22

AIM has them for sale at $319.00. I had one back in the '70's. A pretty good copy of the .30 M-1 carbine with a 10 round magazine. It worked pretty good as I recall, but the receiver sights were not good at all. Beer can type accuracy. I remember trying to hunt Squirrels with it. I'm sure I scared a bunch of them. I traded it for something, but I can't remember what.
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the word, back in the 60's, was that erma guns were made of unacceptably soft metal. I have no evidence of this being so or not. Just putting it out there. Beware, there's better guns available, for less money, in nearly all cases.
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They made a neat little 22 pistol that looked like a baby Luger, friend had a couple.

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