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main uses for rifle

=plinking, matches, either BE or combat-style, self defense, small game, varmints, deer. In a few areas, ONCE a year, you can shoot an elk or moose (after paying a HEFTY fee, that is) A heavy caliber bolt action is nearly useless for all but the deer. or maybe 1000 yd matches, if you have any such in your area (rare). All that money spent, and for what? bolt action varminter is not much better, really. A 22 can do some of those things, but the real answer is an AR with a .22lr unit, which can do it all. Why not have something you can use year round? Yes, the set up AR, silenced, runs about 2k, but you dont have to buy it all at once. Start with a stripped lower, and every payday, add a chunk towards the completed project. If you make your own high-grade silencer, I guarantee you'll always be able to sell the package for more than you've got into it.

It just so happens that if you have all this, you ALSO have the ideal rifle for shtf, or for taking care of biz in some special case. Normally, tho, for the latter, what you want is a spare barrel for the HP22, with a silencer on it.

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Where in the hell are you buying parts to spend that kind of money? Can build a lot cheaper than that anyday of the week. And with the best parts. What are you building, some of them mall ninja guns with krap hanging all over them?
Falling for the latest sales pitch now? Latest an greatest?
Hell, I put some togeather awhile back just from stuff in drawers.

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My primary AR has around $2K in it including suppressor & tax stamp, but it doesn't really have to. I've got aftermarket trigger, ambidextrous short-throw safety, NV-capable red dot, gas-buster handle, back-up non-electronic sights & probably some other stuff that isn't really 'necessary', but that I like.

(Kind of like having another gun besides that one gun, having more than one watch, etc. Just want to.)

But a third or more of that money is in the suppressor, and a suppressor isn't necessarily dedicated to just one gun.
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Melvin, maybe if you actually go a job you would get over the obsession with money spent on firearms. If you want a specific firearm, that fits your requirements nobody really cares what they spend as long as the price is realistic.

Geez Melvin in my collection I have a $4,000.00 1914 mfg "Canadian Contract" Colt Government Model with 98% finish, I also have a $3,000 Shilo Sharps Buffalo Rifle, I don't even want to think about how much I have invested in my AR & accessories. Money is irrelevant as long as you get the performance that you are looking for. Grow Up Melvin.

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