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main things wrong r with the wannabe rifleman

lack of balls enough to attack the enemy and lack of sense about how to inflict maximum damage with minimal risk. So you miss somebody from half a mile, so what? compared to quietly hitting half a dozen of the enemy, in the dark, from 100 yds, the long range attempt is nothing. After you miss, cause you didnt dare get close enough, you have to run and never dare to shoot again, your worthless, noisy, non-concealable bolt action nothing but a club and a burden. You aint got any choppers to move you around.
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Why not have the best of both worlds - have a suppressor AND stand off several hundred yards? Just because I'm out past 100 yards doesn't mean I have to remove my suppressor or that I have to use a bolt-action.

Even just 200 yards gives four times the hiding space, and thus four times the necessary search area, as 100 yards does. Take that out to 300 (which any semi-decent shooter should be able to do from a concealed & supported shooting position), and it makes nine times the hiding space to choose from and nine times the area that the 'enemy' has to survey/search. Really seems like a good idea to tilt the odds that much in your favor. I can still have my same rifle and same suppressor at those ranges, no reason not to.
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What choppers? Last month you were shooting them all down.
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Melvin, some of us here are not "wannabe" riflemen, like you are! There are people here that have seen the unpleasant side of life as an Infantryman and a competitive long range shooters. Anyone who has to wait until the "bad guys" get within 100 yds is not a "rifleman" but an incompetent marksman!

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