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gun fighting, shtf, end of the world discussions

but I just "gotta" hold the readers by their lil hands and not offend their po lil sensibilities. I"m "too harsh' with HOW I say it, etc. my effing god.
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What are you referring to?
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- all worried about effing laws, when the time period under discussion, your loved one's brains might well be dripping off of your face! get REAL. if shtf, laws vs silencers won't mean anything more than any other laws, which is to say, nothing.
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There could be 3 different scenarios involving law enforcement or the lack of, pay attention to past postings of others.

"When it comes to the use of force in a "SHTF" Scenario, the true question is, has "Rule of Law" disappeared, and is it likely to re-appear?

1. Gone.
If you are in a situation where the Rule of Law has ceased to exist, and it is unlikely to re-appear, then you're good to go with your all-out Mad-Max scenario. No police to worry about, no army, nothing. You are, on your own, and not likely to see any sort of recovered government or police prosecuting you for your actions. *This has not happened in modern society.

Now ask yourself, how likely is that to happen?

2. Present.
On the other hand, you have situations where the Rule of Law has not been lost. There are still police, military, etc around, all laws are still in force, and they are enforcing them. *Think High River/Calgary Flood, Eastern Canada Ice Storm (1999?) or the US East Coast Blackout a couple years ago.

How likely is this situation to happen?

3. Gone but coming back.
The third circumstance (and honestly the most likely) is the temporary absence of Rule of Law. This is when there is a temporary (or localized) break-down, but not a system-wide breakdown. The Rule of Law gets re-established, and they will enforce the laws, probably even retroactively, against those whom they can catch. *Think LA Riots, Katrina/New Orleans

The most likely circumstance, based on modern societal occurrences, is 2 or 3. The amount of societal breakdown that would be necessary for option 1 to happen would be huge. Some reading I've done recently has indicated that losing 20% of your population in a major epidemic, or something similar would result in the breakdown of most societies, dropping you to a Loss of Rule of Law situation.

For options 2 and 3, you're stuck with the laws of the land, and that will be 99.9% likely to be the case. If you're in a use of force situation, be prepared to face a judge and explain your actions. If you've gone full Mad-Max, and there are still police around everywhere, you're in for a world of hurt.

With the most likely situation being option 2 or 3, the best things you can have in your 'SHTF' pile is as follows:

-Food (minimum 72 hours, preferably 2 weeks or more)
-Shovel and basic hand tools (rebuilding)

After that, having a firearm of any sort, and enough people around who know how to use it to post a sentry/act as a visible/armed deterrent is next most important. What type of firearm isn't as important as having any firearm, and someone who knows what they're doing carrying it. It could be a .22. That'd be enough to deter most people bent on badness.

If you're in situation 1, then the single most important thing for you to have is a like minded group that's capable of watching each other's backs and working together. "
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