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All around lubrication for Semi's

"If it slides, grease it, if it turn's, oil it." I pretty much stick to this with a lot of my rifles; the Garand and SKS's mostly. The AR's get oiled with LSA in hot weather and lightly with REM Oil in cold. I'm old school in cleaning. Hoppe's No.9 for just about everything, bore scrubber if I haven't shot the gun much. What do you use on your Semi-Auto Rifles?
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I use mostly CLP, and sometimes Powder Blast if something's seriously nasty or crusty. I've tried some of the newer stuff like Frog Lube and one or two others, but I always end up reverting back to plain old Break Free CLP. I've always got it on hand, and a little bit goes a long ways.
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I used Gun Scrubber to remove cosmoline and it worked great on the metal C&R guns, but don't use it near plastic! It started to dissolve the grips on my Ruger MKII.
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for cleaning, GI bore cleaner. For practice guns, WD-40, for duty guns, Lockease graphite. If shtf, very few rds are going to be fired, so I'm not worried about the cleaning, or lubing, much less wearing out anything or needing any smithing. There will be guns and ammo lying beside dead bodies all over the place.
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I've been using "Super Lube" from the Snyco Chemical Corporation, since the late '70's. Great stuff for the Garand, I have used it in the rain and in the sustained fire mode for over 200 rds an the lube doesn't quit.

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