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Decent prices on .223 ammo

Fwiw, I thought I'd pass along a place with some pretty good prices on ammo.

They've got tula steel-cased stuff for as low as $212 per thousand, and brass-cased PMC Bronze for $299 per thousand; plus shipping. Not necessarily 'fantastic' prices, but pretty good.

Fwiw, I just recently started shooting the PMC bronze a few months ago and I've had stunningly good luck with it. I'm shooting a carbine with an unmagnified optic, mostly at 8" and 12" steel plates at 100 feet or so; and it's more than accurate enough for that. Never had any kind of malfunction with it, suppressed or unsuppressed either one, in a little over 2000 rounds over the past 2-3 months. It's not "top-end" ammo, and it's not what I'd choose as one of my top-five defensive loads or anything, but its brass case keeps the chamber cleaner than steel-cased stuff does, and it just plain works...
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