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If bolts are of no use..

I wonder why so many Military Snipers still use them? Didn't Carlos Hathcock stop and totally disrupt an entire NVA Regiment using a bolt action? Didn't Chris Kyle use a bolt action for a large number of his kills? Of course those Men could shoot.
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Bolts are fine, and for serious long-distance work they're what I'd want; my most-accurate rifle is a bolt action .308 for that matter. For hunting I think they're fine as well.

For personal defensive use, they'd be my second-to-last choice, ahead of only a single-shot. But there's nobody I know who recommends them for that anyway, anymore than there's anyone I know who recommends an sbr for long-range sniping.
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did'nt say they are of no use, just that they are vastly inferior, like you. soap could be made out of you, so you've that much usefulness. Bolt actions can serve to anchor fishlines, or gill nets.

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