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308 wont expand a sp beyond 500 yds

and with most loads, it won't do so from beyond 400 yds, given a 20" or shorter barrel. The 308, at 1000 yds, hits less hard than a 223 at 500 yds. So if a 223 is 'feeble" at 500 yds, so is a 308 at 1000 yds. 500 yds is plenty of range potential for the survivalist. In fact, so is 300 yds.

wtf makes you "think" that dangerous enemies will just stand there and let you shoot at them, in the open, in daylight? You certainly won't be hitting them, even at 500 yds, if they are moving or using cover.

If you know jack shyte, such idiots are no threat to you, so why fire at them, eh? You and your stuff should be so well hidden that you don't care about such people. Who's GOT 1000 yds to be practicing on, anyway? damned few, for sure. In most of the US, the NRA has to use scaled down targets cause the rifle clubs can't GET more than 300 yds on which to fire. they also have to use wind flags and spotter shots to get the guys on target at 600 yds, most of the time. :-)

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I had a Remington M788 in .308 for 14 years, bought it in 1979, fantastic rifle. For a 5 year period i used to put a 1000 Canadian 7.62mm Ball through it each year. After 5 years it still gave groups of 1 1/4" at 100 yards.

I shot my bragging shot took place in '86, with a Remington M788 fitted with a Bushnel/Banner 4x scope fitted with a BDC. I was using Remington 150 grain Core Lokt. I was hunting on the prairies and only able to get within 450 yds. I got into the prone, snuggled up to the stock, dialed into 450 and gently squeezed. 6 pointer mulie buck, 1 shot, heart shot! He went straight down. I never started out hunting season unless I had fired a minimum of 200 rds in practice for that year.

If you have an opportunity , buy one, great guns

Absolutely no what would happen in a catastrophic event, if you think you do, you are living a fairy tale existence. North America is a very large geographical area with a variety of terrain, in order survive you need to adapt. Being a "one trick pony" ensures a very short life expectancy.

Try hunting here, I have.

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gotta have a remaining 1800 fps at impact to reliably expand a big game softpoint, , and it's just not present.

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