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The .40 S&W

I don't see anyone talking up or down this cartridge; does anyone shoot/reload it? I've shot it quite a bit and can say I don't like it. Not as accurate as either the 9MM or the .45ACP and (to me) recoils more.
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Never owned one, about 20 years ago I shot a Glock in .40 S&W and really was not impressed with it. I gave me everything I already had in a more expensive package
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I'm not a .40 guy, but it's perfectly functional imo. I've pretty much 'settled' on 9mm and .45acp, but ballistically speaking, the .40 certainly doesn't suck. My main issues with the 40 is that they tend to put it in 9mm size guns, and that it doesn't really (imo) do anything that the 9 or 45 don't.

On the gun-size thing, the rush by manufacturers to jam a new 40-caliber cartridge into previously-existing 35-caliber platforms has led to a lot of issues. Spring issues, frame-flex issues, numerous kinds of things. Some have gotten it right, and some haven't.

As far as performance, it's always struck me like a 16-gauge shotgun. From a functional or performance standpoint, there's not a thing wrong with the 16-gauge. But it doesn't really offer any real advantage over the 12 or 20. Same with the 40 imo; it's functionally fine (if your gun is "right"), but I always kind of wondered "why". If LE depts had embraced the 16-gauge, it would be a market powerhouse right now imo. And if LE depts hadn't embraced the .40, imo it would have gone the way of the 16-gauge; just as the .41AE and .356TSW did.

A guy with a .41AE, a .356TSW or a 16-gauge can kill me just as dead as a guy with any gun; they're all functionally fine. But to me they're just examples of things that really served not much purpose. The .40 (again, to me) is pretty much the same thing if we're talking strictly from a functional standpoint - it just has the advantage of good marketing and so has carved out a massive market share for itself.
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I had 2 of them, not at the same time. The first was a .40 MkIII Hi-Power that I quickly changed barrels to .357Sig. And hindsight being 20/20 wish I had kept. The thing grouped like a shotgun with the .40S&W barrel. Bar-sto fixed that for me.

The next was a Glock 23 again not bad but didn't do much for me. So that went also.

Ho hum groups never got around to reloading for it.
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P35s have fragile frames, noted for cracking. Trigger pull sucks hard and is very difficult to fix. The gun needs a beavertail tang in the worst way
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I shot a Browning Hi Power (P35) in IPSC for 6 years, I had 1 barrel lug crack on me and had to replace the barrel. Once the magazine disconnector was removed from the pistol, the trigger pull lightened up over 2 pounds. I had a Base armorer, work on my pistol for me as I represented the Base I was posted to when I shot and they paid half my entry fees and gave me a personal annual ammunition allocation of 10,000 rds of 9mm ball a year. Trigger came out at 3 1/2 pounds and I found that there is no requirement for a beavertail that I needed.

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Carried .40(Glock 23) at my old job. No real issues with the caliber, as much as being at best " lukewarm " on Glocks.
Old 04-16-2017, 11:33 PM   #8
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Like most the .40 never really caught my fancy until I got BACK on the 10mm train. Let me explain: The 10mm arrived, was instantly neuter-loaded to keep from breaking made-over designs, and at that time became a "yawn" experience, so I traded off my AMT and moved on. The .40 seemed to me to be nothing special, which in it's FBI loading is factual. It's hard for a 9mm thinker to want to give up 3 shots for a round making basically the same kinetic energy, and it's equally hard for a .45 thinker to give up bullet diameter for a few extra shots of "nothing special."

But here is the thing. The .40, when properly loaded is a powerhouse of a round. It's spec'd to operate at 35K psi, and uses a small pistol primer which means ultra-strong case head. In a fully supported chamber the .40 can run at the same pressures as the 4.6mm longer 10mm case, so it can never "be" the Groom, but it can sure be the "Best man!"

I've done a little hand loading for my CZ-75B with fully supported chamber and run some 135 grainers up to just over 1,400 fps for right at 600 lb-ft of kinetic 9mm load will ever come close, and this exceeds all those "mid-range" 10mm loads by a wide margin. I believe Underwood builds a similar load for an amazingly reasonable price. Also, no standard pressure, nor +P .45ACP is going to challenge a top loaded .40.

For comparison, a 135 gr. .40 pushing 600 fpe is the ballistic equal of a .357 Magnum with 125 grain slugs. So in this regard, a .40 caliber stoked with 10-14 shots of REAL performance ammo gives one twice the capability of putting a lethal hurt on someone over a .357 revolver.

This does remind me of that other burning question...what exactly is the 357 SIG good for? In neutered factory loads it brings very little if any "more" to the ballistic table than the 9mm, while suffering the same ammo shortage as carrying a .40. A hot 9mm can tap 500 lb-ft of energy, and only a TOP 357 SIG load will best it.

Anyway, I think the .40 is an interesting little brother to owning a 10mm, yet a brute in its own right when properly loaded.

It must be pointed out that commercially loaded ammo is more about hype than actual performance. A sales scam in no small way helped by the FBI's ballistics misdirection scam of the last 3 decades.
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