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an innuit told me he liked 223 for seals.

He'd dress in white, hold a folding white screen in front of him as he crawled ever closer to a seal that was sunning itself beside its hole in the ice. Every time the seal looked the other way, he'd edge a bit closer. Only brain shots would assure that they would not make it down their hole. He tried 3006 sps, even and still lost some. He said that the 223 sp to the brain would SLAY a 4000 lb walrus, which would feed the entire village for many weeks. :-) Even without the .22 unit, silencer and rapidfire, he thought the 223's bulk and weight, and low cost ammo were advantage enough to choose it for subsistance hunting.
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Innuits also like the Rem. nylon 66s a lot.
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yeah, I read that they knew all the really tight slot gullies where the caribou herds, during migration were forced to use. The innuit would just sit at the top of the gullly and shoot them in the earhole or base of skull as they descended into the washout.

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