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how much practicing do you "think"

and top level guy has to do to beat garand and terry? he can be "off" by 50% and still beat such low level people. it's like me swimming against Mike phelps. He could never look at water, for 20 years, use only one arm and still beat me. That's the same level of comparison. as some plinker "thinking", he can shoot with a champion, even if that champion has "degraded" 50%. and In my case, I aint. 10% at some things, 30% at others, but I can get nearly all of it back in a week. i've proven that, several times now. when you dont even know what being really good IS, dont know how to train properly(much less ever driven yourself to do so), htf can you expect to do well? You just aint got what it takes to be a top hand. Nothing to be ashamed of. You don't CARE enough to be a top hand, so why cry about somebody pointing out that truth?
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Originally Posted by nikto View Post
...That's the same level of comparison. as some plinker "thinking", he can shoot with a champion, even if that champion has "degraded" 50%. and In my case, I aint.

...i've proven that, several times now...
Sounds cool. Would love to see it.
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IPSC is not real life, it is a fantasy! Mind you, it is the only fantasy that you have. You have no idea how fast or slow anyone on this board actually is, you assume it because your tiny dysfunctional brain cannot accept anything else.

Every match that I have ever shot, someone has beaten me. I've had numerous top 5 placing's in my category in various matches in the last 30 years that I have been competing. Someone has always managed to beat me in overall placement. Does that bother me, nope. First off I know it is a game and has little to do with reality. Secondly, age affects the human body, I don't have the muscle mass I did 30 years ago, I weigh more, humans eventually reach and age where previous injuries and medical conditions effect them, etc.

I have shot national level 4 times in my chosen discipline and the ONLY reason I haven't shot at World level is the fact that neither my wife and I have not had the vacation time available to make it happen. Mind you at the US National matches competitors numbered over 800 each year and were from 8 different countries and at least 40+ states. Unlike you Melvin, my wife and I had well paying jobs where we have responsibilities. Go play in the corner with the rest of the children!

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My LESB qualification score was forty - four hits in the kill zone out of 44 shots, with tactical reloads, malfunction drills and 25 yard shots. All timed fro the GUN command with gun holstered. Were the young Cop's faster? Hell yes. But I did it, not talked about while making extravagant never verified claims. You nutko, never can prove anything. How's that panhandling with the cardboard sign working out?

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