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1968, saw lots of new gun ads in the mags.

I knew that they were trying to sell AMAP before the GCA 68 took effect. Which meant they'd be less rigorous about who they sold TOO. I sent $15 each to a pair of vendors, COD the rest. One was an SA looking (DA actual) RG in .38 special, and a Beretta .22 Short Minx. the .38 came first, at the post office. I got it, and then when the .22 came by UpS, I didn't have the cash! sucked, cause it was months before I got a mould and a lee handloader, primers, etc, for the .38. Would have had far more use/fun out of the little .22. I did kill a few chucks, rabbits and squirrels with the .38, tho, merely by having it with me a lot.
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