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NOTICE how many gun topics these fycks start?

but they have LOTS of time to type bs about my topics. Wonder why THAT is, hmm?
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it illustrates the blankness of their minds. no wonder they are so jealous of me. even terry creates more gun topics than they do. Sad, but true.
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Ok, and I'll type this slowly so you can keep up. Without even looking, let's pick a number - say ten. Let's look up the last ten threads you've started and go from there.
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1 — Cold weather sleeping secret — buy leggings on (amazon’s hardly a secret, John) Other nuggets from the thread:
- At ten degrees fahrenheit, your enemy stops being a problem. (Historically completely wrong. Get that, you were wrong.)
- A sleeping pad in mud or floodwater doesn’t do you any good. (Then how does a pit in the woods make sense?)
- Also, not gun-related, is it?

2 - Try to twist a foot-long aluminum corkscrew into the ground, instead of using grownup tent stakes.
- Not gun-related, is it?
- I suspect it's not even possible, and is certainly not practical. Instead of equally-light aluminum stakes or spikes, you're going to cart around some 1/8" diameter, home-made aluminum corkscrews in your gear without damaging them? I suspect not.

3 - She’s driving on her own now.
- Not gun-related, is it?

4 - Notice how many gun topics these fycks start?
- Core thread concept - everyone but you is blank-minded.
- Not gun-related, is it?

5 - Shotgun primer can be taken apart, to retrieve non-existent rifle primer contained inside.
- FINALLY, a gun-related topic.
- But, a factually wrong, dangerously wrong gun-related topic.
- Catch that - you were wrong, and anyone impressionable enough to listen to your drug-fueled imaginations could hurt themselves badly.

6 - A “Major shooting instructor, in 1980
- A guy, nearly 40 years ago, told you that the FBI was shooting one-handed.
- Same guy, shot two-handed and did better.
- But hey, at least it’s kind of gun-related. Well, gun-writer related at least. Previous-century, gun-writer-related, though...

7 - I’m not here to puke up same crap as gun mags
- True. You seem to be here to puke up the same 15 gunchild threads, ten times a week.
- A quote:
I post stuff that I'm the only one who ever thought of it, or at least, the only one who ever produced it, tested it, etc.
So all the things you post of — the shorty AR, suppressors, etc — you’re the “only one” who ever thought of those or tested those. What a deluded, narcissistic, drug-addled child. Once again you were wrong.

8 - Arming others
- At least it’s gun-related. Points there.
- Point of the thread — “If someone doesn’t own a gun, they’re not worth saving”.
- No real gun discussion, just pontification that if you don’t own a gun, you’re worthless as a human being.
- By the way John, do you own a gun?

9 - Knew the ZZ Bandit
- Not gun-related, is it?
- So you (allegedly) knew a scumbag. Congratulations, we all have.
- No documentation exists that I can find of the guy, quite frankly.

10 - No way that anyone with sense
- Night vision is now a “must-have”. You used to say it was stupid. So, which is it, and what changed? Were you wrong then or are you wrong now; because one of those statements absolutely is wrong.

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Jealous of 18+ lost years, selling drugs, living in a van, not being able to legally own a gun, don't think so.

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