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driving a truck in CO

I could have taken dozens of pronghorns with a lwc .45. several black bear, and at least one elk (altho it would have been a stretch, 60 yds or so) When you're not limited to trophy males and to seasons, braining big stuff with a shorty 223 is a piece of cake. I could have taken dozens of deer per year with the 11" AR and did in fact take 2. I could have taken dozens of turkeys with a pocket 22, theyd flock up and BLOCK back roads sometimes, The yearling ones are dumb as rocks. Took a dozen or so prairie dogs with .22 conversion unit on a 1911. they are everywhere, like rats. It's an illusion that game is hard to take even with a "mere" handgun. The only thing hard about it is the man made rules.
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I've been told that pronghorns are not that tasty. Up here on the prairies in Canada we call them "dope a lops", they with out a fact one of the dumbest 4 legged animals alive. Not much of an accomplishment when they are only 5 feet from your vehicle.

And yes, it would be very easy to shoot them with any handgun, but I'm pretty sure that your airsoft won't put them down on the ground.

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