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Nope, can't sell over the border.
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I don't have any real 'investment' guns. All mine get used or are ones that used to get used and simply got replaced with something I preferred. The P-64 that I've talked about a bunch lately is an example of that. I bought it in probably 2005 or so, to upgrade from the P-32 I'd pocket-carried for 2-3 years. Just as the P32 got replaced by the P-64, the P-64 later got replaced by the much lighter LCP. Similarly, my old Detonics .45 got replaced by a glock 26 in 2002 or so. Thatís largely how Iíve ended up with a bunch of guns over the years; not as any kind of investment strategy at all.

Originally Posted by oldman45 View Post
ÖI bought a S&W model 36 in 1972 for $137. A month ago I turned down $650 for it. There is not a gun in my collection that will not bring at least 40% more than I paid for it when selling to individuals.
No doubt thatís true, but it may be worth comparing to what that same money would have brought elsewhere. (FWIW, not knocking anything or anyone, I just like to point out mathematical realities that may get overlookedÖ)

Even with all the fear, drama, and roller-coastering that the stock market does, it still (shockingly, to some) has averaged around 11% annual return consistently, for as many decades as tracking data goes back for. If that same $150 was put into a plain, simple, boring, stock-index fund in 1972, and then never added to, never moved, never jockeyed around to Ďtime the marketí ó just stuck in there & left alone all this time ó it would actually be more than $14,000 now.

I tend to harp on economic things, but itís because I wish Iíd discovered investment calculators in my 20ís rather than my 50ís; and hope maybe someone in their 20ís (or 30ís or 40ís) may get a jump-start that I missed.

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