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.22 ammo, components, mags better investment

than any gun. can assemble a lot of cast bullet reloads for the diff in price between a Kahr CW9 and a smith revolver (adjustable sight type). For anyone who cares about shooting, as vs bsing, of course.
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Just what is so great about a plastic framed striker fired wonder nine?
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Personal preference trumps your limited vision
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Originally Posted by justme View Post
.22 ammo, components, mags better investment than any gun..
More practical, almost certainly; but from a strictly monetary standpoint it amazes me what people will pay for (ie, the 'value' of) some guns that were common & even inexpensive at one point. I really like & appreciate some old Smith revolvers and Colt autos, but no way I'm going to pay the prices they bring nowadays.

While they're not as practical from a user-gun standpoint, from a "return on investment" standpoint, a gun that sold for $200 new and sells for thousands now was a phenomenal investment indeed. Even on a smaller scale, guys who stocked up on $39 sks rifles in 1991-92 that are now selling for $500-$600 are sitting on a 1300% return in 25 years. Not phenomenal, but not bad at all.
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guns have major hassles, as investments most people wont buy one, no matter the price. the serial number makes it a hassle to sell guns. the fact that such and such gun went up so much doens;'t mean it will go up that much (or any) and buying it now is probably a loser, cause we're going to have a major depression/civil war, making non-fighting guns pretty damned worthless. Guns rust, need ammo to have value, (really) when things get tough, "collector's items' wont be worth more than any rusty M60 glenfield (and probably less, especially if the .22 has a silencer on it. Guns are bulky and heavy. a 1 oz gold coin is worth $1300. A gun worth that much weighs 2lbs, 2 dozen times as much

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