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i resent a shotgun's weight, with shells

walk all day with it and get 8 ozs of dove or quail meat, make all that noise, beg people to let you hunt, etc. A silenced .22lr handgun gave me the same results and all I had to do was bicycle a ways and walk a LOT less. :-) If someone sees me, I was just another backpacker /birdwatcher. :-)
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the quiet .22 lets me plink blackbirds, frogs, sparrows, mud turtles, snakes, lots more action with a lot less bs. I found such stuff to be endlessly entertaining. If I was still the type to break laws, I still would so find it, I'm sure. :-) I dont like having my hands tied up all day long, either, lugging the longarm. The rifle can be slung, at least part of the time but if you sling the shotgun, it's not ready for the sort of fast action for which you have it. A pair of the right pistols is a lot better deal. An alloy .45 Commander and a silenced .22lr make for really good coverage. You've got at least the effective range of a bow, ie, 50 yds, . The .45 Super, solid tin swc gives you the ability to poke a 1/2" hole thru the lungs of anything short of an elephant. However, the quiet .22 is more appropriate, the great majority of the time.

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Since you'll never be able to carry a shotgun or shells, why would the weight concern you?
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Melvin some of us actually have a lifestyle where we are out and about and don't just sit on the computer all day.

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