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my wife is effing AMAZING

we moved into a big enough place to hold all our stuff, so I moved everything from storage. She's been squatting on the floor, scrubbing and organizing for the past 9 straight hours, no breaks except to cook some rice and stew for us, and no sign of slacking off as of YET. If i could import a dozen like her, I'd be rich in a year! my god, I'm a very lucky man! but she's mad at me at the present time. :-)
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"A good wife is better than riches" - Solomon (paraphrased...)
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So what you are saying is that money is more important than family?
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2 more hours, still squatting and still hard at it. The dust from the stuff has made her sneeze at LEAST 50x today. I've asked what I can do to help, but nothing suits her but getting it all done. it's going to go on for much of the night, I can tell already. I couldn't even fantasize this stuff!

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