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if the pistol's openly worn, why NOT have

30 rd mag, compensator, optic sight etc, hmm? Only the need for concealment forces handgunners to use practical gear. So why not mandate size and weight of the match guns and why not require concealment? cause we want as many competitors as we can get. the answer, then , is to devise a score factor to handicap the gun on its size and weight, and handicap the shooter for not ccwig his gear. Enough of a handicap that you can't do WELL in the matches without practical gear.
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I almost never open carry. Try this,though; I CC a service sized gun about 40% of the time(Glocks,CZ's,) and the Makarovs/Tokarev/P64 the remaining time. Don't have any suppressors I'd admit to,but most of my service guns have a few magazines with greater than factory capacity (20-33 rounds).. Some are still more or less flush fit,but others are long enough to carry in the gear vs the magwell- with the flush fit stuff carried hot.
Only real long mags in pistol caliber stuff is the PPS43C (35 rounders), and although a " pistol " the thing is a beast....a FUN beast,but best CC'd with a single point sling under a raincoat.
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Open carry has been legal here forever, but I carry that way only when hiking with a 7 1/2" Ruger Vaquero or other long barreled gun. A Safari type vest conceals nicely when carrying a CZ 75 or Glock 21. Why let anyone know your armed? As far as extended magazines, I don't carry them. The Glock holds 13 + 1, and the 75 holds 16 + 1. With one spare magazine that's enough rounds for anything I can think of short of a VC ambush.

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