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40mm adapter for .22lr, 9 or 18 at a time.


Trying to figure this one out. I understand it's intended for 40mm lovers to not have to pay an arm and a leg for ammo and get some bang for the buck. My question is what would it be good for besides bang?

I mean is it as effective as a shotgun for self defence or bird hunting maybe?

Sort of a punt gun perhaps?
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Boy, that's a pricey son of a gun.
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I am wondering something. This adapter allows the firing of more than one round with 1 pull of the trigger. How have they managed to keep ATF form designating this as a Class III weapon?

We know that is a dumb idea, but when has ATF ever let sense get in the way?
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Well if you can afford the cost of a 203 or a 79 I kind'a imagine registering one of these multi round adapters once & the tax stamp for it would still be cheaper than having each regular round taxed & registered as a destructive device.

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