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Canik TP9

Shot a TP9 for the first time this past weekend. A brother in law from Houston (owns Big Guy's Shooting Supplies) gave his stepson (my nephew) one for Christmas. They were up here in Arkansas visiting, so I took them out to where I have some plates set up and we tried it out.

I've heard good reviews of the Canik on the net and youtube, but had never handled one before; and I really liked that thing. The trigger-break was good, and the trigger reset was phenomenal. I confess that I don't understand the need for a decocker on a striker-fired pistol, but having it there certainly didn't hurt anything. Brother in law told me the family price was $307, which made me seriously wish I wasn't already so heavily invested in glocks and M&P's.

We didn't run anything but fmj thru it, but it ran really well for a non-broken-in gun.
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I saw one up close for the first time back in May. The guy qualifying with it liked it a lot better than his M&P .40. I thought it looked good and he put 44 rounds through it with no trouble and a near perfect score. He said NIB was $290.00.

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