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how many critters have u shot with .45 ball?

I"ve shot dozens, and dozens more with lrn, swc's, and many more with same in 9mm, and there's no difference, all are uniformly poor performers, unless you get the 200 gr swc to 1000 fps and that's not adequately controlable in an alloy commander. It's got noticably better stopping effect than it has at 800 fps, tho.. The 230 gr jhp's work no better than the swc's, cause they dont expand in chest organs. When I first tried the 90 gr supervel 9mm's and then 90 gr sierra jhc's in the 9, they worked so much better that it was hard to believe. cause they actually DO expand in chest organs, at 1500 fps. I got the 85 gr silvertip jhp from the 380 to 1650 fps, and it still exited 8" thick animals. The claim that 100 gr corbons dont penetrate adequately is just bs. you get MORE penetration in flesh and blood than you do in jello, cause you get less expansion. The lungs are just air sacks, there's very little material/fluid present to expand a jhp, and the lungs are as big as the rest of the vitals, combined.

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With .45 ball, I don’t recall if I’ve ever shot any, frankly. I have with .380 ball (fmjfp), 380 jhp, .38spl lswc, .357 lswc, .357 jhp, .45acp 230 lead flatpoint, .22lr solid and hp, 9mm fmjfp, 9mm 115 and 147 jhp, and possibly some others I’m forgetting. I’ve also taken a fair number (not “scores”, but a couple dozen probably) with .36 and .44 cap & ball revolvers shooting round balls in the 70’s.

The less powerful ones performed less dramatically and that’s to be expected. I’ve never claimed — and as far as I recall, have never seen anyone here claim — that there is no difference in performance between various calibers and various loads. What I keep saying is that to claim that a .45acp hardball load is “inadequate for raccoons and woodchucks” is ludicrous. You say you’ve killed multiple animals with .45 bullets made of wax and soap, that were launched with just primer power; no powder at all. You say you killed one (raccoon or woodchuck or possum, don’t recall which) with a rubber galosh. Yet you maintain that a .45acp hardball load isn’t up to the task. That’s the claim that you continue to make, and yes, it’s ludicrous.

Personally I like more powerful stuff in whatever caliber, and I personally like the faster stuff. The CM9 on me right now is loaded with Corbon 100-grain +P. But just because I prefer “X”, doesn’t mean that “Y” is inadequate. If (for whatever reason) the only gun and ammo you had available to you one day was a 1911 (govt or commander, I don’t care which) loaded with hardball, could you use it to save your life? I say yes, I absolutely could. You say that it’s “not adequate for raccoons and woodchucks”.

On this part:
Originally Posted by justme View Post
…you get MORE penetration in flesh and blood than you do in jello
I’ve asked before, and you’ve ignored the question before. Calibrating ballistic gel includes shooting a plain old .177 BB at 590fps, at which velocity it has to penetrate an average of ~3.35 inches. I’ve asked before about your claim that “you get 25% more penetration in flesh than in gel”, even pointing this same thing out. Your claim means that a BB from a crosman 760 with 7 (out of ten) pumps, would penetrate more than four inches through human or animal flesh. That’s the thickness of most grown men’s upper arms; you maintain that a non-fully-pumped BB rifle will actually thru-&-thru a grown man’s upper arm? Because if not, then it kills your claim right out of the gate.

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