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House Guns

The LESB shoot this morning was a lot of fun, The back up gun portion was enlightening. Although authorized to, a lot of the Cop's attending don't carry one. What I saw were several G43's, a Couple of Shields and a hammerless S&W .38. The Makarov I brought was a big hit, the CZ 82 even more. Surprisingly, neither the Range Master or either one of the line coaches had ever heard of CZ. The 75b I qualified with brought a lot of questions and I might have detected a bit of drooling. The house gun phase was a bust. A couple of short barreled 870's. Most said their back up was their house gun. The range was only a 25 yard length. so I left the AR in the car. This is not the usual crew I shoot with, so I enjoyed listening to new Cop stories. I was surprised that so few had heard of the 9X18MM and that it was readily available. I could have sold a couple of Makarov's and CZ 82's after that. Good day all over.
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Never heard of CZ...? That's goofy.
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Pretty odd for Firearm Instructors, one looked up CZ USA on his brilliant phone and said "hey they sell a lot of gun's."
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Most cops that I know, rarely use their handguns outside of annual qualification, not surprising.

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