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Leo Shoot this 10/22

What's going to be different is that besides the regular LESB qualification, there will be a back up gun and "house gun" shoot, sponsored by the local F.O.P. lodge. Since there will be three qualifications, I'm doing the Glock 21 and the CZ 75b. For the back up, the CZ 82 and E.G. Makarov. House gun is the Colt LE 6920. Should be fun with a brat cook out after.
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Funny you mention that-they last time I shot the NH Armed Guard License qualification course, I did it with an older Glock 17(not my favorite by a long shot,but I know it works and I had/have a lot of 9x19 ammo). I finished early,and we had the range to ourselves. My Carry piece was/is an EG Makarov myself. I just happened to have several boxes of Brown Bear in the drag bag. For $hits and giggles,I asked if I could run through the shoot course with a gun I actually like.
Don't let it come as a shock to you,but my scores were nearly identical...even with the slightly slower reload time(heel mounted magazine catch on the Makarov).
A steel frame and a grip shape/angle I actually favor and I'm a Happy Little Sociopath :-)

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