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380 is all the makarov is. In fact, it's inferior to a good locked breech 380.
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Wrong again. I DO believe that handgun design in BOTH calibers could definitely get more out of them,but the 9x18 has an advantage-both in standard and handloads forms.
One of my " what if ?"ideas,given the increased number of VERY small to mid sized carry guns (like the SIG 380 and 938s and beyond) to the 3/4 scale 1911's in .380 was the idea of conversion barrels and kits for two -and possibly three-calibers from 9x17 to 9x18 and 9x19. Some of the designs in existence-and THIS is where you are RIGHT regarding the locked breech design-would lend themselves rather well for the idea. All one would need would be the willingness of a company already tooled up for a locked breech pocket gun like the 938(although they've had some issues)to see a demand and set up.
Barrels,springs. Magazines/followers,but many guns currently are capable of going between .40 and .357 Sig and THEN stepping DOWN to the 9x19, so it's not insurmountable except for " perceived demand and sales".
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Originally Posted by justme View Post
380 is all the makarov is.,,
Where can I get 380 load that pushes a 115 grain bullet at over a thousand feet per second, or any bullet more than 1,500 fps..?

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