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Taurus PT11

I finally got to shoot one. If they all worked and shot as well as my Son's brother-in-law's, I'd say they were a good deal at around $250.00. 12 shot magazine, fairly heavy, but not bad trigger, and it shot where I pointed it. There were about 300 rounds through it and the guy said zero problems. Who knows down the road, but it seemed solid to me. I'm not going to run out and buy one, but if I was a little cash light and needed an EDC gun, I'd at least take a closer look at the Millenium.
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On occasion I see some of their service sized guns (9mm and .45 ACP) on Armslist. Generally priced from $250.00 to $325.00.. perked my interest,but I've not handled a Taurus in 10+ years.
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I've never owned a small Taurus auto, but they always felt wrong to me. Which always struck me as a shame because I've had extremely good luck with their full size autos and their revolvers both.
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shot a guy's PT111 .45 a bit, very nice DA trigger pull, but it lacked adequate mainspring power, and it misfired quite a bit. Could have fixed it in 10 minutes, with a simple shim at the bottom of the coil spring, but the guy wanted to waste a month on a factory "repair". Left CO before he got it back. But they probably told him that it "met factory specs"
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Sure you did.

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