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National team dry-firing

Not sure really what to label this thread. Wasn't there some national pistol team from Rhodesia or South Africa or somewhere in the 70's or 80's that ended up either winning or placing very well in the world championships one year, after doing pretty much nothing but dry-fire practice? I (obviously) don't recall details, but I thought it was in the late 70's.

I was talking with someone about the benefits of dry-fire practice and thought of this story but couldn't remember who & when it was. Anyone remember something like that?
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No dry firing at the dog!
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Just maybe, they would not let Melvin around live ammo!
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Wish I could remember the specifics - for some reason I'm thinking Rhodesia, but South Africa probably makes more sense due to their internal gun laws and/or international sanctions at the time.
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IIRC Japanese sportsmen use airsoft predominately, and they tend to place well in real life sports.

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dave westerhaut told us about this in 1976, at the Columbia conference, but I forget the details. I think it was a slowfire rifle team, tho, not rapidfire control of heavily recoiling guns, against time, so it means very little. Jerry Cavanaugh, ILL state police pistol instructor in the 70's, 2600 shooter in BE handguns, told me that the army pistol team at camp perry outshot the rifle team, using the rifle guy's guns and without changing the sights. Just noting the POI and aiming accordingly. Slowfire rifle is kid stuff. Which is why lops like garand like it, and why they like plining even more. No time pressure, nothing showing all their misses.
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Welcome back Melvin, now that you have finished hiding behind your wife's skirts maybe you will tell us about the last match you shot? I shot a match yesterday, how about you?

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