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What guns have you been dissapointed by?

I can name a bunch, but I'll stick to the latest. The Ruger 9MM American. I wanted a "knock around" Nine for hikes and didn't want to abuse my CZ's, I bought the American. Really crappy trigger and I couldn't get a decent group with any ammunition. Sold it at a loss and bought a CZ 09. I have three Colt AR-15's and thought I would get a Mini-14 for something a little different. A friend had just bought one and invited me along for a range shoot. Sadly. the Mini-14 is not in the same league as the Colt's, not even close. Had some failure to feed's, and some stovepipes with Winchester and Remington ball ammunition, accuracy at 100 yards was mediocre, and that's being kind. 8 to 10" patterns are not what I expected. The Polish P-64 in 9MM Makarov looked great. Small size PPK looking pistol with a punch and it was C&R legal so I ordered two. Worse trigger I ever tried, including the Nagant revolver which is saying something. The double action had me squeezing so hard I accidently triggered a second round when it transitioned to single action. I was advised to try Wolff springs, but I know when I won't ever like something. That's the three that I can come up with quickly. I have lot's more.
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Colt Officer's model, bought in 1984 or 85; when they first came out. "New and improved" recoil-spring plug broke on round 15 or 16. Replaced it, which of course took a couple weeks since it was a new model and nobody in all of Houston had parts in stock. Probably 8-10 rounds after replacing the spring plug, the front sight flew off over my shoulder. Decided to keep "breaking it in" and keep shooting without a front sight. Got another six-round magazine or two through it, and the replacement spring plug broke.

Ruger 10-22, bought at walmart. It was so horrible, that I had to believe one of two things. Either the rumors were true and guns sold at walmart were different than the 'same model' bought elsewhere, or else the millions of people who sing the praises of the 10-22 were all insane.

Mossberg 500, bought at walmart. Literally dropped rounds out of the tube during recoil. (Took it to a gunsmith who found it had the wrong cartridge stop in it; and I bought it new at wally world, so no previous owner to blame it on.) Replaced the cartridge stop with the correct one and it now runs like a scalded dog.

So basically, one first-year-production pistol bought at a gunshop and two plain-jane old designs bought at walmart. Lesson learned - let other people be the early-adopting guinea pigs with new-product designs, and never buy another gun at walmart.
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This century,
Sig 938
Sig 938 22
Rossi model 352 that broke trigger pin a 20 rounds
Last Century,
Two new Ruger model 77 rifles that shot the barrels out fast,
a 220 swift an a 270
A few Llamas
Anything Taurus
Anything Beretta
Anything that chambered a 22 mag.
Any Iver Johnson, H&R, most shot decent but hard to work on.
Anything made in Russia.
The Dardak and their Trounds! Yes I owned one.
Lots of others I want to forget.
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Pretty much any "series 80" style 1911, Romanian AKs, and most SKSs.
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Originally Posted by BigBassMan View Post
The Dardak and their Trounds! Yes I owned one...
Was that the magazine-fed revolver that used triangular-shaped cartridges & ejected empties out one side of the 'cylinder'? Haven't seen one of those in literally decades if that's what it is. Always was intrugued by them and the gyrojet both. Probably not practical, but sometimes fun things aren't.
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Thats the one! Have a tround in cartridge collection. When get stuff back here will get a pic of it.
Seen one of the Gyrojets.
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Previously posted in 2004;

Lever Action Horrors!

Virtually everyone has a horror story about 1 or more firearms that they have owned. He's my lever horror story;

In '94 I was looking for a lever in .357 because I was doing a lot of .357 shooting out of my M66 and wanted a cheap and easy round that I could reload in abundance. After looking around for about 6-8 months I couldn't find one, I even phoned Winchester! The nice lady said that they didn't have enough calls to start manufacturing them again. Remember this was before Cowboy Action got bigger.

I finally gave up on .357 and found a Winchester Wrangler in .44 Magnum. Shades of John Wayne that large loop lever was kewl! Little did I realize that with 2 years, I'd start shooting Cowboy Action. I did lots of testing and came up 7.2 grains of Unique pushing a 240 grain LSWC bullet as an accurate target load.

Within the first 20 rds down range, the pot metal feed ramp broke. Off for warranty work! Eight months later I get the rifle back. After every 50 rds the rear sight elevator would fall off. So we have to install a Williams rear sight! Shooting again after every 50 rds the screws in the receiver would work loose. Locktite!! After 1,500 rds the tubular magazine spring gave up the ghost! Wolfe Gun springs to the rescue. After this the Lever Link broke, 3 months and 5 nasty letters later, Winchester told me they would sell me the part but without warranty! They wanted me to send the gun to the warranty center again!

That was the last straw, I found a sucker to buy the Winchester and bought a Marlin M1894S, after 8,000 rds through it, it broke a firing pin. I love the quality Marlin builds in.

P.S. My Wrangler was one of 4 Wranglers in town with the same problems.
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almost all of them, eventually, or I'd not have sold them. The Browning nomad was superbly accurate, about 2 moa, but it was way too big to ccw and i was interested in something to practice with, realistically. I do regret having let it go, tho. I sold a lot of guns cause I needed the money, either for normal expenses or to go to matches, or in order to buy some new gun that I wanted to try. I'd have been way ahead to stick with a few and shoot them more. for 10 years, I averaged a "new" (to me) gun per month
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Kahr P-380.

As delivered it sucks for function.

Even after a quadrillion rounds it still SUCKS FOR FUNCTION!

It only started to work right when I clipped a few coils off the extractor spring!!!!!!

You'd think Kahr would know this!
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I was disappointed in the Springfield Micro, but it taught me valuable lessons about reliability, physics, and size. I learned to stick to government 1911s.

As I learned, I was also disappointed in the Springfield Loaded model, and quickly outgrew it.

Interesting question!
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AR-7 Pistol poor ergonomics for my hand.

Colt 1991-A1 needed a lot of work to run right period.

Mossberg Bullpup shotgun. Think Woody Allen on the firing range in the movie Banana's. Fore arm fell apart.

Professional (What A Joke) Ordnance POS-15 carbine. Major gas leakage around the so called gas block. And the recoil spring/buffer assembly fell apart.

Eagle Arms EA-15 Carbine- The short of it: A way over priced firearm made of second rate parts assembled by drunk monkey's that couldn't get a job at Century Arms. Okay I'll add pretty much everything that could be wrong with it was wrong with it.

The Rocky Mt Arms "Patriot Pistol" AR pistol with a very tight match chamber. Which I found out after buying it. Like WTF why do that on an AR pistol of all things! Very accurate but having to shoot .223 ammo only and not 5.56NATO at all is a No Go in my book.

BTW- The above is a very small amount of firearms from shooting trading and collecting a crap ton of firearms over the years.

There are probably some I've missed posting but these come to mind as some when a disappointment if safe I just trade off quickly.

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