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Nothing today

Hit three gun shops today, looked like they were picked clean. Only one Smith to be seen, was a .32 that had been renickled, did not deserve a second glance. looks like will have to expand an travel farther.
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Spend yesterday at the local Sportsman Show, selling raffle tickets for a Mossberg .243 for my club. I need to get a life!
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Palmetto State Armory has complete AR Pistol lowers (blems) on sale for just $139.99, so I ordered one Saturday. Plan is to use it to put together a .300 blackout pistol.

Of course, I have to wait until I have the lower on hand before I pick up an upper. In the mind of the ATF, having a pistol upper on hand with only rifle lowers shows 'intent' to put them together and create an SBR. So once the lower is at my dealer, I'll order an upper to put on it.

Fwiw, the PSA link. Sale ends tomorrow:

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